Horse Racing – A Quick Guide

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the history of mankind. It has managed to register its name on the list of the few games that have managed to gain popularity throughout the world. From three-quarters of a mile to a thoroughbred 22 miles, horse racing is the most popular form of racing today.


In this game several jockeys try their luck with their horses. Their goal is to win the race by making your horse efficient and as fast as possible. Winning only one match does not bring you glory. Consistency matters. Thus, more consecutive wins will earn that jockey a lot of respect in his fraternity.


Making a connection with the mythological facts about horses, it is believed that this game was played by the god Odin and the giant Hrunnir. Archaeological evidence suggests that by 648 B.C. the Greeks had introduced horse racing into their Olympic games. From this fact one can easily guess the history and popularity of this game. Since then, the game has been admired not only by Greece, but also by Syria, Babylon and Egypt. They used to compete in horse races by attaching chariots to them.

In some cases there were serious injuries and death, which was the main risk the rider and his horse faced in chariot racing. Then the Romans, along with chariot racing, popularized horse racing. When popularity increased, the demand for more skilled horses emerged, which in turn led to the introduction of hybrid horses into the market.

Participating countries

Horse racing is popular all over the world. It has so much charisma that people of all ages can’t resist watching powerful bodies strive to their maximum potential. Great Britain, followed by the United States, is among the most popular countries where this game has a huge number of fans.

Similarly, Canada is also popular for this game. Canada’s famous horse is called the Northern Dancer. There are several European countries, such as Belgium, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, and Italy, which are active participants. Some of the first races in Hungary date back to 1827, and France has the largest racing industry than any other country in Europe.

Asian countries such as China, India, Singapore and the UAE are also known for their great interest in organizing the game during the calendar year. India is known to be the oldest country in Asia, where horse racing is thought to have been played by the rules for almost two centuries. In 1977, the first hippodrome was organized in Madras (now Chennai).

In addition, Dubai is famous for organizing the prestigious Dubai World Cup with a valuable purse of $10 million, making it the most expensive race in the world. South Africa isn’t very far off in this one. The history of horse racing in Africa goes back to 1797 . The Durban Handicap in July is the most important event held in South Africa since 1897.

South America has also been active in this game for many years. In Argentina, this game is known as Turf . Most of the horses for these races are imported from South Africa, Australia, Great Britain and France. The New Zealand bloodstock industry brings in $120 million a year by exporting horses to Asia and Australia.