Betting on horse racing as a special kind of gambling

Horse racing has been known since Ancient Rome. The spectacular sport was organised in amphitheatres. The best of the participants became popular and famous gamblers. The culture of ancient Rome maintained a passion for horses. Their fine physique was organically combined with strength of mind, which intersected with the notions of man in the worldview of the ancient Romans.

The interest in horse racing never waned, and in the 17th and 18th centuries horses were brought from the Arabian Peninsula to England. Since then, the country has been putting on spectacular shows every year. Horse racing permeates the whole of British culture. This sport has created a special culture, which combines excitement and sport, and a special language, which is manifested in the dress code. Ladies must always be present and wear a hat. The fashion for hats has led to a great variety of shapes and colours of this headwear.

Gambling on the internet

Sports betting and casino betting are often intertwined. Where once there was nothing in common between bookmaker and roulette, these services can now be offered by a single operator on a single website.

The gambling entertainment industry is much wider than it seems. In addition to sports betting, you can find:

  • BKs with casinos. They offer roulette and card entertainment. Games against a real croupier appear. The services broadcast videos of cards being dealt or roulette being run and bettors betting money.
  • Sweepstakes. Users do not bet on individual matches, but on several outcomes at once. But the potential profits are also higher.
  • Bookmakers with games. Clients are given services with uncomplicated online entertainment in which they can earn money.

A separate mention should be made of the operators who offer users slot machines. They give the widest choice of entertainment.

How do I choose a casino with a betting provider?

There are many sites on the internet where users can try their luck at gambling. But you have to choose carefully, bearing in mind that the betting is for real money. A number of factors were taken into account when compiling the list.

Legal status of the operator: it may not have a licence, but must have other documents allowing the organisation of betting. Such information is often published in the “About Us” or “About the Company” section of the operator’s website.

Payment methods: The site should accept deposits in a way that is convenient for the user. This can be e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, bank details. If the BC does not accept cards, you should be wary. Reliable operators always cooperate with banks.

Reputation: It also comes from the opinions of clients about the office, so check out our “Reviews” section for more information. There, the players publish their ratings of the betting company.

The main difference between betting and gambling

Experts say that gambling is a type of gambling. Gambling in turn includes all gambling in general. Visitors to betting shops have the opportunity to bet on various events.

Gambling is illegal in many countries. However, betting most often acts as an exception and is a fully legal casino activity. It is expensive to obtain authorisation in some countries, so casino owners obtain licences from Curacao. Casinos with an offshore license face more favorable tax conditions, so they offer their players a wide range of bonuses and better odds.

The history of gambling and horse racing betting is inextricably linked. They have gone hand in hand since their inception. The first betting shops (betting shops) were opened at racecourses where harness races, horse festivals and competitions were held.

Betting on horse racing

This sport follows a particular pattern in the gambling system. There are not two competitors in a horse race, but many more. Therefore, the betting results can vary much more than in other sports.

Over time, a whole system has developed that can be used to bet on horse racing. These include betting on one winner, predicting the first two winners, predicting which horse will come first, etc.

Interesting facts:

  • The most famous stallion in history is Golden Miller. He won the race for five years: from 1932 to 1936.
  • The stallion Arkle won three times in a row (after Golden Miller).
  • There is a monument to the horse named Arkle in Cheltenham.
  • The names of the jockeys are not known to history.
  • Each year the championship attracts more than 200 racing fans.
  • The festival takes place in mid-March, often coinciding with St Patrick’s Day celebrations.
  • Bets are accepted at the racecourse and bookmaker’s shops.

History of sports betting

Sports betting is the most common form of gambling entertainment. Experts claim that betting now accounts for almost 40% of the total gambling market. Every second inhabitant who has reached the age of majority at least once in their life has already been able to place a bet online on sports.

When did betting first appear?

People have been betting with each other since ancient times. This is not surprising, as betting fuels interest and determines the winner. In ancient Greece people used to bet on the Olympic Games, and in ancient Rome many people bet on gladiators. There were no casinos or betting shops, so the betting was done directly.

According to available information, bookmaking originated in Great Britain. The first betting on horse races started in 1790. The founder of the primitive bookmaker’s office was William Ogden.

The modern bookmaker’s office did not appear until 1850. Its founders offered betting on sporting events. Predictions were printed on leaflets and distributed all over London.

In America, France and Russia, the first BKs did not appear until 30 years later. Legislation in many countries prohibited betting and betting. In Europe and the USA, such activities remained illegal until the middle of the 20th century. Immediately after the legalisation of this business in the UK, more than 10,000 betting shops of various sizes opened within 6 months.

Every year, companies added new types of betting. Among the most common are the following types of competition:

  • football;
  • boxing;
  • tennis;
  • horse racing;
  • golf.

Most experts agree that the real revolution in the industry came in 1990. During this period, some companies began to accept bets over the internet. 10 years later, the volume of the sports betting market exceeded 2 billion dollars.

Features of horse racing betting

Previously, betting on the winner of a horse race was only possible by attending the race in person at the racetrack. Now, thanks to advances in technology, equestrian sports fans have the opportunity to follow the most prestigious competitions from the comfort of their own home, bet on sports and watch horse races online in different parts of the globe.

Horse racing is an exciting and dynamic discipline. Odds on winners, even clear favourites, rarely fall below 2.0. Quotes are put out several days before the start of the race, when the list of participants is formed. These are so-called “early prices”. The coefficients before the start of the race are called “starting prices” (abbreviation SP). The values of these two types of quotes can vary greatly, depending on the news about the horse/jockey’s condition and the movement of the money supply.

Horse racing is a whole science. There are specialised radio stations and TV channels in the UK and USA that talk about horse racing. Books, magazines and newspapers are published. Profile websites sell paid subscriptions to horse racing statistics and handicapper forecasts.

A novice bettor should definitely learn how to read a race card (programme). This information is provided by the bookmaker himself, as well as specialised resources.

Popular horse racing strategies

Strategies abound, most of which refer to gambling, as the financial aspect has long been studied and remains largely unchanged for betting regardless of the sport. Let’s say even more, when betting in bookmakers, you should stick to conservative bankroll management – betting on high odds can rock the variance and lead to quick bankruptcy.

Before we go on to review the strategies, there are a few more general tips:

  • Never use overtaking (Martingale). Doubling your bets after losing, or wishing to win back immediately, will inevitably lead the beginner to bankruptcy.
  • Don’t bet on everything – carefully analyze your race cards.
  • Do not have favourites among the horses and bet on them just because you won once.

Betting on favourites” strategy

In its purest form, this is a line of conduct vr and would always be on the plus side. We can talk about competent selection, selecting those leaders who have a good performance in the season, have rested more than competitors, have not changed jockeys before the race, etc.

The strategy “Betting against favourites”

This is not even a strategy, but an entire direction in horse racing betting. It is impossible to describe it in a couple of sentences. The bottom line is that the bettor selects the overrated favorites and bets against them. In order to limit financial risks, it is not advisable to make excessive commitments.

The “follow the money” strategy

One of the most interesting and working betting tactics for horse racing. It is designed for long-term use, so you should have patience and strict financial discipline.  The idea is to bet on sure outsiders whose odds start to fall sharply on the day of the race. Hence the name ‘follow the money’.

On the day of the race, we look at the cards we are interested in. For example, we see the early odds change from 55.0 to 24.0 a couple of hours before the start. Two important nuances:

  • the odds on the favourite should stagnate;
  • the form of the underdog should be encouraging.

The first indicates a lack of substantial cash injections into the opinion leader; the second is that the underdog is not hopeless. For example, he hasn’t won, but there is progress in places.

To reduce variance there is a variation of ‘follow the money’, where we do not bet on a clean win for the ‘dark horse’, but use the ‘each-way’ type of betting (win or take the prizes).

Many gambling betting strategies use some variation of the express combinations, so that one successful exit covers the losses. “The Achilles’ heel of these tactics is again the variance swing – you don’t know how long to wait for a good race and whether the pot will still be there.

There is an amazing case in history where a woman made a bet of $18 and won $1.2 million. This speaks volumes about her great experience in this business.

Success in horse racing betting largely depends on the degree of immersion in the specifics of this type of gambling hobby. You need to be interested in the latest news, follow the events, be able to analyze, observe particular horses and jockeys, i.e. choose your favorites. With the sum of these conditions, one can succeed.